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The Tallit Lady     


Sewing the perfect custom tallit for you  

Personal service coupled with my never-ending attention to detail affords you the quality you deserve.

 A tallit purchase for a special occasion should be special. 

Let me provide this service for you.  

Whether you are looking for:

 simple and chic,

flowers and lace,

denim and soccer balls

        bold and beautiful

                traditional or contemporary 

                        wool, silk, linen, cotton, organza

                            and so much more!!

 I will work with you to create the perfect

                 tallit to reflect your personal style                                         

Feel the fabric before you buy it

See the colors before you decide 


We will create the design you want! 


Don’t settle for someone else’s design!


The Tallit Lady   

call me at   610 202 5930

or email me at